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Security Guard Training Services

1.Roll-call, Yoga 
2.Race and P. T.
4.Physically Health, Properly Wearing the Uniform, Dealing with Public, Inspection of Identity Card, Passport, and Smart Card, reading and understanding English and Urdu numerical.    

5.Controlling crowd, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Tackling Danger and Disaster Management.

6.Physical Security, Security of Property, Security of Bungalows and Apartments, Security of Personnel, Domestic Security, Usage of Security Instruments and Flames (For example, Alarm and screening Instruments) Detection and lifting of hidden Explosive Materials,  keeping and managing of un- prohibited Arms and firmness  (Optional)

7.Supervision and Management (Only for Supervisor) Basic Knowledge of Indian Penal Code, Right of Private Defense, Process of Filing First Information
Report (F.I.R.)
in Police Station, Arms Act, ( Only Ruling Section) Explosive Act (Only Ruling Section), Defensive Driving (Compulsory for Drivers of Armed Cars and optional for others)

8.Badges of Police and Armed Force Ranks, Identifying Different Weapons used by the Public and the Police.



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