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S. S. Kushwah Mr. S. S. Kushwah, Operations Head of the Company is a smart man with pleasing personality and is well experienced in the field of Security for more than a decade and looks after overall interests of the Company. He looks after the administration and co-ordinates office administration, different security operations and communication. In addition to overseeing internal systems, S. S. Kushwah helps in managing and motivating staff members and cultivate an exceptional work environment.

D. S. Kushwah D. S. Kushwah, Finance Head of the Company is a MBA-Finance qualified professional with experience of more than 6 years. He is responsible for planning accounting and finance goals in alignment with company mission and objectives. His role is to ensure all company financial transactions adhered to company and appropriate state policies. He analyse and make improvement suggestions regarding financial accounting and control systems.

M. S. Kushwah M. S. Kushwah, Marketing Head of the Company is a young and dynamic professional , who is MBA-Marketing qualified and an engineer in Electronics and Communication Branch. With his technical knowledge and understanding M. S. Kushwah is known for his creative leadership and keen insight into the industry's growing trends. Through his dedication and leadership, M. S. Kushwah has carved out the directions that have led to the Masterguard’s achievements and accomplishments.

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