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Since there were no standards prescribed relating to security norms by many Security Agencies, it became advantageous for these agencies to betray the people who took services from these. Such agencies are thus not fit to hold the reigns of defence as they have slaughtered the very essence of Security. This is the reason that when you assign any Security Agency for your security purpose these days, only a few stand true in the field of security. Thus, to keep the faith of security intact, the Government of India implement the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act 2005 which could make the private security system trained, disciplined and strong 

There are certain important points to be taken into consideration according to the Private Security Agency Central Model Rules 2006, as per the following:

  1. Under Form I (See Rule 3)- Police Verification of the owner/owners of the Security Agency.

It is determined by the Controlling Authority whether the applicant has special qualification or dexterity with which he/they can get the facility of managing his/their Private Security Agency.

  1. Under Form II (See Rule 4)- Police Verification of the entire staff functioning in the Security Agency. At the time of verification, the police authority will categorically state that whether the person assigned or deputed for the work of security, lying within the jurisdiction of the authentication of the Security Agency will pose a threat or not to national security.

  2. (Rule 4) 5. Security Training.

(1)The Controlling Authority shall frame the detailed training syllabus required for training the security guards. This training is imparted, encompassing teaching of minimum 100 hours in the classroom and 60 hours of field training, spread over a period of 20 working days. To the ex-police personnel only condensed syllabus is imparted which comprises a minimum 40 hours of teaching in the classroom and 16 hours of field training, spread over a period of 7 working days.

  1. The Security Agency must successfully complete the ensured training by the State Government. At the completion of training, every successful candidate must be granted a certificate in the Form IV by the institute where the candidate has received the training.

  2. Under Form VI (See Rule 8), the Private Security Agency must obtain a license for running its business.

  3. Form VIII (See Rule 10)- Registers of Particulars

Part 1- Management Details Register

Part 2- Private Security Guards and Supervisor Register

Part 3- Customer Register

Part 4- Duty Roster

  1. Form IX (See Rule 11)- Under Clause 17 of the set of Rules 9 of the Private Security Agency, every Photo Identification Card will be issued in the Form IX.

  2. All Security Agencies must ensure that they do not provide their security personnel’s to wear such uniforms as bearing the colour of uniforms of army, navy, air-force and paramilitary forces.

  3. Before assigning any Security Agencies make queries of all such issues related to the above stated points and enquire about the training centre from where the security personnel has received the training. Moreover, strictly check the Training Certificate (within Form IV).

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(Regulation) Act 2005,click on the given icon.

To keep you safe is our responsibility and our morality”.

Following the entire Set of Rules of Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act 2005 and imparting full training to its security personnel, Masterguard Protective Services Pvt. Ltd. has made them so competent that people should see security personnel not as a gatekeeper but as a protector. Masterguard Protective Services Pvt. Ltd. would like to re-establish the lost faith in Security Agencies through its supreme sense of dedication, sense of untiring work and sense of loyalty.


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