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Chairman Message

 History of the Chairman

The founder of the Company, the Chief Management Director, Shri R. S. Kushwah had been engaged in the S.P.G. as Security Cardon of Prime personalities of our Country, the very distinguished people like Shri Rajiv Gandhi, Shri V. P. Singh, Shri Chandrasekhar and Shri Narasimha Rao (all ex-prime Ministers).

In the field of security Shri R. S. Kushwah is adorned with the carries of Commando, P.S.O. Bomb-disposal and Anti Sabotage checking. He is an accomplished name in the field of security and has received fame in national and international arena. He is courageous, patient, a talented orator and matured in the art of Security Management. Cases of frequent theft and loot as big as small malls, in cinema hall, in hotel, in hospital, in houses, offices and industries of rich peoples instilled in him the feeling to do something concrete which could prevent these unpleasant happenings.

In the cases of attempt to murder, unautorised entry, the increasing cases of unemployment in our country, the compulsion of people to live their lives with suppressed feelings, unpleasant incidents in the life of literate unemployed people and their families such as suicide and starvation break-off of relationship between husbands and wives, theft and dacoity provoked Shri R. S. Kushwah to mitigate serious criminal activities and make the life of oppressed people meaningful. With a view to developing person to do something for the nation, removing the entire bad deeds of the youth of the nations and making them strong and talented in policies physically and mentally, he flagged off to his journey of making his nation safe and sound.

By this, he could be a part of development of his country and a helping hand in the work of the Government. To give a shape to the thoughts arises in his mind, Shri R. S. Kushwah, with determination, resigned his job and made an auspicious beginning of Private Security Organisation.


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