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Executive Protection

Executive protection service is provided by our expert and experienced team to ensure the safety of VIPs or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of the various factors like employment, high-profile status, net worth or geographical location needs protection.

We at Masterguard understands the risk involved with executive protection service and therefore we prepare an assignment based special course for security personnel so that they can handle executive safety in all condition and circumstances. Our team is vigilant, alert, experienced, and are very good at making quick decision as per any situation. For us, catering to client’s need is very important and therefore, we listen to our clients very carefully to assure that we make a perfect plan to match their requirements.

Below are few features of Executive Protection Service:

1. Close protection services.
2. On-call emergency services.
3. Full evacuation support and contingency planning.
4. Client oriented and focused.
5. Risk mitigation consultancy and preparedness.

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